Enhance your results in clinic with NOON Aesthetics' Triple MCH

Effective substance penetration

(70-80% skin penetration compared with only 0.3% provided by available cosmetic products)

Needle Free Mesotherapy = Pain Free

It does not cause any damage to the skin

Nobel prize winning technology

Triple MCH's Technology is also used in research labs and hospitals

Triple MCH is an innovative and highly effective treatment device that is designed for all Fitzpatrick’s skin
types and conditions
. Aside from firming, rejuvenating, and brightening the skin, it also treats skin inflammations, such as acne, rosacea, and seborrhea.

Triple MCH uses Cryo technology – the contraction of blood cells through cooling in order to increase the amount of inserted substance within the skin. It allows deep skin penetration of substances that stimulate collagen production or treat inflammatory conditions. By electroporating, nutrients are delivered into the patient’s cells while the membrane is temporarily altered to allow for their insertion.

Triple MCH has become a leader in the field of aesthetics and is an alternative method to conventional invasive procedures like mesotherapy and micro-needling.

Triple MCH combines Mesoporation, Cryo, and Heating functions to deliver an exceptionally successful treatment.

Mesoporation combines mesotherapy with electroporation as a non-invasive method of mesotherapy. Through this method, the product penetrates the skin more deeply.

The cryo procedure uses cooling to contract blood cells in order to maximize the amount of substance inserted into skin tissues.

Heat and electropulse make the cell membrane more permeable, allowing better penetration of substances onto the skin.

When combined with our peels and ampoules, this device will give the best results.

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More Features:


Assures maximal treatment efficiency by adjusting to body temperature


Controls two types of pulses - pulse (+) or pulse (-)