Brush&Go™ – Oily/Problematic Skin

SPF 50 / UVA
Broad Spectrum
Highly protective sun defense with dead sea minerals formulated to fit the needs for oily/problematic skin

Designed for everyday use, Brush&Go™ SPF 50 mineral powder provides immediate and
optimal protection from harmful UVA, UVB, and IR rays.
With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is the ideal sun protection solution for oily/problematic skin.
It  also helps prevent sun damage such as Photoaging & Pigmentation Disorders.

Brush&Go’s new packaging makes applying and refilling the powders much easier
anytime, anywhere, while making an eco-friendly choice.


Brush&Go Benefits:

• Protects from harmful UVA/UVB/IR rays & free radicals
• Provides anti-inflammatory properties
• Helps prevent sun damage, including Photoaging & Pigmentation Disorders
• Easy-to-use packaging allows control over the powder’s amount while using
• Eco-friendly packaging – removable brush & replaceable powder container
• Available in two distinct tones
• Heat Insensitive
• Matte finish, seamless coverage, reflective effect

Directions for Use

Unscrew the cap to open the refill canister. Insert the refill container into the bottom of the brush.
Twist the container into the bottom of the brush until secure. Remove the cap from the top of the brush, then turn the brush base towards the unlock position. Adjust the powder amount by turning the brush base halfway, a full turn will maximize product release. Shake the brush gently upside down to release the powder.
Apply evenly before sun exposure.
Apply Brush&Go at every sun exposure (reapply every 2 hours).


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