Are you a professional skincare provider
looking for effective, irritation free products?


the DermShield™


Looking for a skincare solution that provides
clinically proven results without irritation?

DermShield technology enables the use of high
concentration levels of active ingredients
for effective, safe & irritation free treatments
on all skin types, all year round.

How it works:

DermShield creates a temporary selective inhibitor complex that reduces the transmission of the skin’s chemical irritation receptors

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NOON Benefits

High Efficiency. High Safety. Irritation Free. Innovative Approach.

Proven Clinical Results

Treating various skin conditions, such as aging skin, pigmentation and acne

For All Skin Types

Year round treatment for all skin types, genders and ages


Providing a state of the art education plan – online and offline

Over 40 Skin Products

Full portfolio of over 40 professional medical grade skincare products

Exclusive Retail

A unique business opportunity for professional skincare providers – sold exclusively through clinics

Clinical Results:
Lowers the Neurogenic
Inflammation Reaction by 95%

In a clinical study, a 50% glycolic acid peel, inhibiting
the binding to the receptor, lowers the neurogenic
inflammation reaction by 95%*

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*The efficacy and safety of a novel protective complex combined with 50% glycolic acid peel: a double-blinded, split face, controlled study Ofir Artzi MD, Lee Heyman MD, Rafael L.
Carasso MD, Joseph N. Mehrabi MSc, JDD, December 2021 | Volume 20 | Issue 12 | Original Article | 1336 | Copyright © December 2021

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