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Treating various skin conditions, such as aging skin, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Rosacea, dry skin syndrome and more.

JDD Clinical Study

The average post - treatment pain and itching were significantly higher in the control half as compared to the study half. Recovery time appeared to be significantly shorter in the treated side compared to the control side.

Clinical Results​

NOON’s innovative DermShield™ technology the prevention andreduction Neurogenic Inflammation ofvarious etiologiesand use highconcentration levels of active ingredients, such acids, without thecommon side effects such as: irritation, burning, redness andunpleasant sensation.We provide impressive results for Aging Skin, HyperpigmentationDisorders, Acne, Rosacea, Seborrhea and other skin concerns, as wellas any damage to the skin accompanied by Neurological Inflammation.

DermShield™ is a proprietary breakthrough approach to high-strength therapeutic cosmeceuticals which enables high concentration levels of active ingredients without the risk of side effects. NOON Aesthetics™ empowers professional skincare providers to deliver highly effective & safe treatments leading to healthy & beautiful skin for all. In a clinical study, a 50% glycolic acid peel, inhibiting the binding to the receptor, lowers the neurogenic inflammation reaction by 95%.

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